A Tale of Two Worlds

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M83 - Outro

You may have heard this in one or two movie trailers recently. When I try to get inspired about writing my story, this piece always, always gets me.

More studies of Osiron. Hi I’m back! Also, hit the 20,000 word barrier, that means my novel is like a sixth of the way written! So much further to go…

“That is why we are sending you to Eurys, Jorin. You will be the long arm of the ministry that reaches out across the stars to deliver us our great victory. When they see their rocket destroyed on the launch pad, their hope will fail them, and their spirit will break. Then, the war will end.”

art credit: http://zhangx.deviantart.com/, http://alex-ichim.deviantart.com/, http://jungpark.blogspot.com/

Of things to come. Jorin Kaija in Chapter 8.
art credit: http://charlesratteray.deviantart.com/
“Always seems closer than it is” her father said, shaking Melony from her hazy reverie. As he spoke the first of many monolithic oil wells whipped by on the left, one among many others which rose high and dark from the land around the outskirts of the town. These rusted, decaying relics once fed a web of pipes that ran deep beneath the fields and which had made many men very wealthy before the well dried up and with it the riches of the community.
"I have just one request."

White Ghost by Olivier Ponsonnet

Dunya Senapati, all grown up apparently.


White Ghost by Olivier Ponsonnet

Dunya Senapati, all grown up apparently.

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To fly from Osiron to Eurys, you can either go around the serpent’s eye, or straight through it; any other route is certain death. Just remember, there’s no going back.
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The craft.
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Palace interior, Nepheron. This is integral to chapter six, wherein Jorin Kaija meets many important people and learns why he has been summoned to the capital in the first place.
art credit: http://hans64-kjz.deviantart.com/art/canteen-259997630
Blue day on Eurys.
art credit: http://www.illustrationweb.us/artists/Zhuzhu/view